Cluj Innovation Days 2022

The power of 1|0


Cluj Innovation Days (CID)

Is a major annual event dedicated to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and to forging cross-industry and cross-sector collaborations for the emergence of new business models with societal impact.

Over the years

CID has established a name for itself as a leading industry driven event, positioning Cluj, and Romania, as an inspiring hub of innovation and as a smart community.

From year to year

CID has continued to grow as a platform to communicate knowledge and to share experiences brought forward by some of the most prestigious speakers and institutions in the world, from almost all continents of our planet.

CID turns 11 years in 2023!

This edition marks 11 years of innovation, 11 years since Cluj IT Cluster was founded and, more importantly, 11 years of hard work and fantastic results for the Romanian business IT and innovation ecosystem which has led to the rebranding of our beloved city.

Our ambition

We have twofold ambition for this edition. First, to design a space where innovation continues to be the overarching background for experiencing 3 days full of events .

New opportunities

Our second objective is to pave the way for a more sustainable future for our industry and for the community we are part of, by creating the framework for developing new opportunities in these directions.

Come and join us!

Event Details

The conference will take place both physically, on different locations in Cluj-Napoca, and online, via Streamevent. 

Stay tuned to see when registrations will be opened and come to meet our speakers and special guests.


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